Novilytic is developing for the future.  It’s growth is focused on four separate markets.  They are: 


  • Proteometers Consumables: This market is the focus of our business plan and a $500M market.  The product pipeline (available to investors) will continue to produce more value over time. 


  • Patented Consumables:  The Proteometer™ consumables also represent additional market value for selling our consumables and licensing technology in other analytical markets.  Examples of this include the following targets: ​​


  • Proteometer Medical Device: The Proteometer is an easy to use yet very capable detector of various proteins.  Diseases, Viruses, and other key analytes can be detected using the Proteometer. 


  • Affinity Selection Columns:  Our patented-protected columns and methods provide opportunities for separation and selection IP for chromatography markets.  These include water analysis, industrial and food markets, etc. 


  • Reagent IP:  Similar to the affinity selection columns, our reagents and associated methods IP will allow us to sell Proteometer reagents in other markets. 

  • NoviPlex Plasma Cards: The NoviPlex™ cards represent a significant improvement in plasma processing, especially for remote monitoring in foreign countries and developing nations.  We will continue to grow this product line through partnerships with key analytical companies. 


  • New Medical Device Tech: This new technology, already protected by our patents, will allow diagnosis off of the NoviPlex card.  The market value of this new technology is >$1B as it will compete against the likes of Roche Diagnostics, Abbott Healthcare, and other POC devices.