Noviplex™ Remote Plasma Collection Device 


  • The Noviplex™ remote plasma collection device is for scientists, pharmaceutical companies, and government agencies who need to collect plasma samples in very remote areas.   

  • Unlike common blood spot cards and venous blood draw, the Noviplex collects a very accurate plasma sample that will survive long term storage in temperature ranges from -5°F to 110°F (-23°C to 43°C). ​

  • The Noviplex uses advanced membrane systems to pull the plasma from whole blood while leaving the blood cells behind. Rapid air drying stabilizes the sample in minutes for storage or shipping.​

  • Cooling and a source of power are NOT needed to prepare the blood sample for shipping.

  • Noviplex cards do not show hematocrit effects and only have to be analyzed once, since the entire plasma sample is used for analysis. In addition, Noviplex cards are more stable and generate analytical results that better agree with plasma analysis by conventional methods.

  • Novilytic was selected for an R&D 100 Award for the Noviplex™ Plasma Card. Noviplex cards were the first commercial product to produce plasma from a few drops of blood without the use of centrifugation or any power source. The Noviplex Duo Plasma Card was the first commercial device to split a single application of blood into two equivalent plasma samples without the use of a pipette or mechanical splitter.

Noviplex UNO – Plasma Prep Card


Typical Applications

  • Remote blood collection

  • Metabolomics studies

  • Protein biomarkers

  • Drug testing

Noviplex DUO – Plasma Prep Card


Typical Applications

  • DMPK assays where an archive sample is needed

  • Tests that require more sensitivity

  • Drug testing where an archive sample is required


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