NoviplexTM Duo Plasma Prep Cards


Transforms one application of blood into two identical plasma samples in 4 minutes or less. Differences in plasma volume collected by each disc are typically just a few percent. The Duo is ideal when an archived sample is required.


The Noviplex Duo Plasma card quickly removes red blood cells from whole blood in minutes with little or no hemolysis using just capillary action to pull the fluid through the card assembly. The Duo card has a larger spreading layer which directs blood towards two plasma collection discs. The Duo card collects more plasma for each collection disc than the standard Noviplex card because of slight differences in design.

The Duo card is very similar to the standard Noviplex card. Collection volume is constant over substantial changes in the volume of blood applied and modest changes in the hematocrit. Studies with vitamin D show that the concentrations measured on both discs agree to within 5% without the need for correction with an internal standard.


  • Transforms blood drops into stable, dry plasma on a disc
  • Collects two 3.8 µL aliquots of plasma from ≥ 60 µL of whole blood in three minutes
  • Consistent collection volume – less than 5% variation
  • Volume is independent of hematocrit
  • No power source required
  • Stabilizes sample for shipping in just 15 minutes
  • Ideal for LC/MS, typically lower backgrounds

Noviplex DUO Plasma Card

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