NoviplexTM Plasma Prep Cards


The Noviplex Plasma Prep Card makes blood collection and processing fast and easy. Whole blood is applied directly to the Noviplex card which quickly performs three functions.


The card distributes the blood above a filtration membrane. Then it quantitatively removes millions of red blood cells by size filtration. The final task is to collect a precise volume of plasma. Regardless if venipuncture blood is applied with a pipette or finger stick blood is dropped on the card the plasma volume is constant and precise in a batch of cards.


A big challenge for any filtration-based collection device is to address the range of hematocrit values. Blood with a high hematocrit has higher viscosity which decreases flow in the card. The Noviplex card is designed to handle extremes in hematocrit without loss of required performance.


  • Transforms blood drops into stable, dry plasma on a disc
  • Collects a 2.5 µL aliquot of plasma from ≥ 25 µL of whole blood in three minutes
  • Consistent collection volume – less than 5% variation
  • Volume is independent of hematocrit
  • No power source required
  • Stabilizes sample for shipping in just 15 minutes
  • Ideal for LC/MS, typically lower backgrounds

Noviplex UNO Plasma Card

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