Noviplex™ Plasma Prep Card Quality

Noviplex™ plasma cards undergo extensive testing to ensure quality.


They are packaged with a 24-month shelf life, hermetically sealed in a barrier pouch to protect the device from possible environmental factors. Each lot of cards passes a lot release test to ensure consistent performance. The variation in the volume of plasma collected is typically less than 5%. An internal standard may also be used to correct for volume variation.

Plasma Volume Precision

Noviplex plasma collection discs are weighed to ensure that a consistent amount of plasma is collected. Plasma volume is tested to ensure that a batch of cards can produce a similar amount of plasma. Plasma volume precision is typically less than 2% for the standard Noviplex card.


The major challenge in preparing plasma by filtration is to prevent hemolysis. Forcing blood through a membrane often causes severe hemolysis. The resulting plasma is pink if not red in color due to contamination by hemoglobin. This level of contamination can interfere with subsequent analyses. The Noviplex card uses capillary action to slowly pull the blood through the membrane, resulting in less than 1% hemolysis.


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