Technology & Components of Proteometer Kits



  • Sequestron™: A primary affinity selector molecule that binds to an antibody or proteoform. It alerts to the existence, sequesters, and quantifies the proteoform family.

  • Luminon™: A secondary molecule that distinguishes different members of the proteoform family that were sequestered by the Sequestron molecule using fluorescence, UV, or FRET technology. Due to affinity selection, this molecule allows users to hone in on exactly what they want to separate or discover.

  • MASC™: Mobile Affinity Sorbent Chromatography enables additional approaches to process analytical technology (PAT) and is faster and simpler than conventional multidimensional LC methods. 

Kit Components (Coming Fall 2022)

  • Sequestron / Luminon Nanotech Reagents and Buffer Solutions: Formulated specifically for proteoform and other molecular identifications, our bio-compatible chemistries provide operational integrity to the Proteometer process. They are manufactured to ensure high purity and fast results. 

    Unlike common LC/MS methods, both technologies measure proteoforms on-line, saving hours of time and reducing purification costs. All of our reagents are biodegradable, and no pipettes are required, thus reducing plastic waste.

  • MASC and/or Luminon Reactors: Designed specifically for Proteometer applications - These patented Mobile Affinity Sorbent Chromatography (MASC) reactors provide significant value to Proteoform process identification and quantification. These advanced devices enhance sensitivity, allowing the customer's Proteometer to achieve very high resolution, and are manufactured for different applications and assays.

    Each application will have separate reactors, and we are developing applications based on feedback from pilot partners and customers. The reactors allow for results within the analytical time window, the point at which actions can still be taken to improve or enhance batches.

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