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Technology & Components of Proteometer Kits



  • Sequestron™: A nanoparticulate molecular recognition agent that sequesters an antibody or proteoform family as it is being harvested. Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs) within the family are labeled with a fluorescent molecular recognition agent. This allows CQAs to be monitored by a fluorescence detector. Proteometer's using the Sequestron technology will be released in the fall of 2023. 

  • MASC™: Mobile Affinity Sorbent Chromatography enables an additional approach to process analytical technology (PAT) and is faster and simpler than conventional multidimensional LC methods. 

  • Sequestron Nanotechnology Reagents: Formulated specifically for proteoform and CQAs detection, our biodegradable chemistries enable the Proteometer process. They are manufactured to ensure high quality and fast results. Unlike common LC/MS methods, both Sequestron and Luminon assays measure proteoforms in fermentation media at-line, saving hours of time in sample preparation and reducing purification costs.

  • MASC Reactors: Designed specifically for Proteometer applications - These patented Mobile Affinity Sorbent Chromatography (MASC) reactors provide significant value to Proteoform process identification and quantification. These advanced devices enhance sensitivity, allowing the customer's Proteometer to achieve very high resolution, and are manufactured for different applications and assays.

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