Process R&D Proteometer™ 


  • The Novilytic R&D Proteometer™ is an instrument for pharmaceutical biochemists who need to develop better mAb process quality. Unlike common yet archaic monitoring technologies, the R&D Proteometer provides meaningful data for AI solutions in production, saving $200,000/day in development costs. 

    • Media Optimization​

    • Scale-Up 

    • Process Monitoring Development

    • Comprehensive Data Acquisition

    • For Use With NoviChrom Columns

CQA Proteometer™  


  • The Novilytic CQA (Critical Quality Attribute) Proteometer™ is an instrument for pharmaceutical manufacturing professionals who need more accurate control of FDA-regulated processes. Unlike common yet archaic monitoring technologies, the CQA Proteometer utilizes real-time analytics to detect a process deviation and take action. 

    • Real-Time Analytics ​

    • Enables Development of Artificial Intelligence

    • Real-Time Release 

    • Improved Yield 

    • Optimized for Cell Lines

The Canary in the Fermentor™

  • Until the '70s, canaries were used in coal mines to alert workers to poisonous gases. Like mines, bioreactors need a "canary" to provide an early warning of potentially toxic proteoforms or contaminants. In this case, the canary represents the Proteometer.


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Architectural Structure

"As analytical tools have matured for the quality control and characterization of isolated biopharmaceuticals, the application of advanced analytical systems to dynamically contribute to process monitoring and control in complex bioreactors is critical for enhanced process efficiency and product quality.


The Proteometer is expected to play a central role in the development and commercialization of next-level biological manufacturing control strategies. The integration of complementary bioprocess analytical data facilitates decision-making through a powerful link between the manufacturing space and the QC laboratory."

Eugene L. Inman, Ph.D.

Pharmaceutical Quality Consultant

Retired Eli Lilly and Company

Architectural Structure

“Novalytic’s Proteometer is a disruptive breakthrough that finally solves the FDA's requirement to continuously monitor t-mAb proteoforms during fermentation.


The approach improves product safety, reduces COPQ and post release testing, and paves the way for real-time product release, reducing inventory costs. 


The solution combines novel sample handing and artificial intelligence with proven analytical technology that is easy to deploy and support, and provides near instantaneous ROI.”

Martin Long, BSc.

Analytical Sciences Business – Past GM

(Brooks Life Sciences, Thermo, Perkin Elmer)