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New App Note: "Analysis of Nivolumab, an IgG2 Subclass mAb, with Proteometer-L Assay."

Proteons in the Proteometer


Novilytic Canary

Expedite Molecular Structure Analysis With The Proteometer®

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Proteometer-L Kit

Identifies & quantifies titer + relative aggregate content in clarified fermentation broth while keeping workflow

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Proteometer-UFT Kit

Coming Early 2024: Runs at-line titer measurement of mAbs in less than 90 seconds

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Novilytic is a molecular recognition company that utilizes nanotechnology to monitor the quality of lifesaving medicines.



The phrase “canary in the coal mine” refers to the use of birds to detect odorless but highly poisonous carbon monoxide gas to keep miners safe. Novilytic has applied this same premise to drug development.

Our nanotechnology acts as “The Canary in the Fermentor” by allowing scientists to monitor batch quality in-process, an achievement previously thought impossible. 

This is critical because existing QC methods take four hours to days, but it only takes an hour or so for significant contaminants to develop - leading to expensive and time-consuming purification efforts. 

The Proteometer, aka “proteoform meter,” performs at-line, real-time batch analysis roughly every 10 minutes and eliminates the need for sample preparation and a mass spectrometer. 


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"We use the Proteometer-L Kit for the rapid analysis of mAbs for titer and aggregate content from cell-free filtrate samples. It eliminates sample preparation steps, Protein A purification, and mass spectrometry analysis steps. I would recommend the Proteometer to any pharmaceutical company to quickly and accurately quantitate mAb titer and aggregate content."

Harsha Gunawardena
Principal Scientist, Janssen Pharmaceuticals (Johnson & Johnson's research division) 

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“Novilytic’s Proteometer is a disruptive breakthrough that finally solves the FDA's requirement to continuously monitor t-mAb (therapeutic mAbs) proteoforms during fermentation. The approach improves product safety, reduces COPQ and post-release testing, and paves the way for real-time product release, reducing inventory costs.”

Martin Long, BSc.
Performance Validation, Inc. – President & CEO
(Analytical Sciences Business, Brooks Life Sciences, Thermo, Perkin Elmer)

Analytical testing in drug discovery & clone selection is 5-10 days

Proteometer trims this to one day 

Savings = $800K - $1.8M per clone selection DoE

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