Novilytic is a biochemistry analytics company that protects and secures lifesaving drugs and medical devices.   


The company is backed by: 

  • >25 patents 

  • $2B Analytical Instrument Co. 

  • 2 Pharmaceutical Consortiums 

  • 2 Med & Analytical Universities 


Our potency is extended by our people which includes 5 Ph.D. chemists and engineers who have helped us secure significant patents and other IP.  Our business plan will increase those forces to ensure we meet customer, market, and regulatory demands. ​


The Novilytic Product Lines complete the balance of Novilytic’s strength. They include: 


  • The Proteometer™ - Disruptive Instrument for pharmaceutical processing 

  • NoviChrom™ Analytical Columns 

  • Consumables for the Proteometer 

  • NoviQuest™ & NoviMASC Reagents 

  • Consumables for the Proteometer 

  • NoviPlex™ Blood Collection Devices - Most advanced global collection device 

Novilytic is pursuing seed funding to bring the Proteometer to market. With significant strategic advantages, patents, and other IP, Novilytic is expected to experience significant growth over the next 3-4 years. 


Paul C. Dreier,

Chief Executive Officer

Fred E. Regnier,

Chief Technology Officer

Jiri Adamec,

Co-Founder & Technical Counsel

Timothy E. Woenker, BSc.

Chief Operating Officer


Jinhee Kim,

Director of Analytics

Meena L. Narsimhan, Ph.D.

Director of Process Technology

Christopher A. Dailey, Ph.D.

Director of Commercial Development

Nadine Njoya-Honn, Ph.D.

Director of Novichrom Chemistries

Mary Bower

Staff Analytical Scientist

Nathan Morris

Staff Analytical Scientist

Ryan Simpson

Marketing Manager

Joye Fisher

Office Manager