Monitoring the quality of lifesaving drugs is Novilytic’s mission. We accomplish this via the disruptive use of nanotechnology and cutting-edge science designed for Process R&D and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing.


The Proteometer (Proteoform Meter) is a technology for drug development companies that can provide near-real-time warnings on molecular structure changes. Like in the old coal mines, the Proteometer thus becomes “The Canary in The Fermentor.” 


This technology will be sold in the form of kits that allow customers to convert their LCs into a Proteometer in less than one hour. Training, software, and service all remain the same – thus ensuring ease of use and speed of adoption. 


Commercialization efforts are underway as the organization is preparing for a Fall 2022 product launch. 



Novilytic is backed by more than 10 patents, $2B Analytical Instrument Co., 2 Pharmaceutical Consortiums & 2 Med & Analytical Universities.

Our talented team includes 5 Ph.D. chemists and engineers who have helped us secure significant patents and other IP.



Paul 1.jpg
Paul C. Dreier,

Chief Executive Officer

Fred (Ryan's Choice).jpg
Fred E. Regnier,

Chief Technology Officer

Jiri 3.jpg
Jiri Adamec,

Co-Founder & Technical Counsel

Tim 1.jpg
Timothy E. Woenker, BSc.

Chief Operating Officer


Jinhee Kim,

Director of Analytics

Meena 2.jpg
Meena L. Narsimhan, Ph.D.

Director of Process Technology

Eric Bowen - New Photo 1.jpg
Eric Bowen,

Staff Analytical Scientist

Nadine 1.jpg
Nadine Njoya-Honn, Ph.D.

Director of Novichrom Chemistries

Mary (Ryan's Choice).jpg
Mary Bower

Staff Analytical Scientist

Nathan 1.jpg
Nathan Morris

Staff Analytical Scientist

Ryan 1.jpg
Ryan Simpson

Marketing Manager

Wendy's Photo 2.jpg
Wendy Salazar

Office Manager