Novilytic is a molecular recognition company that utilizes nanotechnology to monitor the quality of lifesaving drugs.


Our company is currently focused on the pharmaceutical bioreactor market. That concentration is based on strong monetary and regulatory interest from pharmaceutical companies to improve the production quality of a broad range of drug types called monoclonal antibodies (“T-mAbs”).


The market’s pain is that these drugs require extensive post-production testing. There is no instrument available to test antibody purity in-process. The result is that these companies must spend multiple days and millions of dollars to purify their drugs prior in order to meet regulatory guidelines.


Novilytic has developed and patented new and very disruptive nanotechnology to solve this problem.   The new technology is called the Proteometer™.  It utilizes proprietary nanotechnology to allow for near-real-time data to insure quality.  No other technology falls within this decision-making window.

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