Novilytic is a biochemistry analytics company that protects and secures lifesaving drugs and medical devices. 


Our company is currently focused on the pharmaceutical bioreactor market.  That concentration is based on strong monetary and regulatory interest from pharmaceutical companies to improve the production quality of a specific drug type called monoclonal antibodies (“T-mAbs”). 


The market’s pain is that these drugs require extensive post-production testing. There is no instrument available to test antibody purity in process. The result is that these companies experience 1-2 month release delays and cannot meet FDA guidance.


Novilytic has developed a new instrument called The Proteometer™ that addresses that issue.  There are two versions of the Proteometer – one for R&D, the second for Drug Production:


  • The Novilytic R&D Proteometer is an instrument for pharmaceutical biochemists who need to develop mAb process quality. Unlike common yet archaic monitoring technologies, the R&D Proteometer provides Artificial Intelligence solutions for production saving $200,000/day in development costs.


  • The Novilytic CPV Proteometer is a continuous process validation instrument for pharmaceutical manufacturing professionals who need more accurate control of FDA-regulated processes. Unlike common yet archaic monitoring technologies, the CPV Proteometer utilizes AI to confirm a process deviation and suggest remediation in process.


The market size for Proteometers is valued at over $500,000,000.


Backed by 10 patents, partnerships with large Value Added Resellers, and Pharmaceutical Consortiums, the Proteometer will disrupt the bioreactor market with both time and monetary savings while meeting FDA guidance for T-mAb production.

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