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Novilytic Secures Top 12 Finish at Innovation Showcase

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

A few weeks ago, we were nominated by the Purdue Research Foundation to participate in the Venture Club of Indiana's Innovation Showcase.

This event highlights successful early-stage Indiana startups that are revolutionizing their respective industries. It's the largest pitch event in Indiana by attendance.

A successful video introducing our organization granted us the opportunity to make the top 12 cut line and present our technology live in the form of a 4-minute pitch to an audience of 250+ attendees.

Our pitch was broken down into 5 sections:

1. An overview of the problems solved by the Proteometer - FDA compliance and money saved with no lost batches.

2. An introduction of the Proteometer - The world's first system that can test antibody quality in process.

3. An overview of the market and our advantage - 15mins vs. 8+ hours with no sample prep required

4. Our next steps as an organization - Technology agreements and big pharma pilots

And last but certainly not least...

5. Our incredible team - Multiple patents, Ph.D's, successful exits, and more!

The day of the event was a fantastic team-building experience and an opportunity for us to build lasting connections and learn more about the Indiana start-up community.

We are proud and humbled to have participated in the Innovation Showcase and to continue the wave of positive momentum for Novilytic in 2021!

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