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Novilytic Featured in TechPoint Article About Indiana HealthTech + MedTech

Paul Dreier, CEO, speaks on Indiana HealthTech & MedTech

Our CEO, Paul Dreier, BSc., MBA, is featured in TechPoint’s latest article “Indiana Leads in the HealthTech and MedTech Evolution!” The piece examines key differences between health tech and med tech, how both industries are evolving, and Indiana’s overall fit in this landscape.

TechPoint’s mission is rooted in promoting and accelerating the growth of Indiana's tech ecosystem. This is achieved by collaboration with industry partners, acting as a resource hub for organizations and startups, and by activating the community and amplifying stories of success.

In the article, Dreier applauds Indiana for its impact on the global health tech sector, noting the state’s connection to three of the top five analytical chemistry universities in the world (Purdue, IU, and Notre Dame), as well as Indiana’s impressive production of life sciences technologies.

Dreier also emphasizes how the “miniaturization of technologies that allow for faster point-of-care (POC) testing and better-quality testing” is a change that is disrupting the med tech world. These innovative technologies used to expedite test results are helping medical professionals and patients.

Different industry, but similar value proposition – quality and speed of testing directly relates to the motive behind Novilytic’s Proteometer, AKA “Proteoform Meter.” This device helps reduce the time and cost of testing within drug discovery and manufacturing, thus to “increase(in) accessibility, quality, and the overall number of medicines that reach the market each year.”

We are striving to be yet another development on the list of Hoosier-made technologies that are improving the lives of countless individuals and making a difference in healthcare.

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