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Exclusive Podcast Interview With LCGC Magazine

LCGC’s latest podcast features an interview with our CTO and co-founder, Dr. Fred Regnier.

Regnier joins the team at LCGC to discuss how he believes pharmaceutical science has been stuck in an analytical rut due to their 40+ year-old quality testing techniques. He proposes a solution called MASC™ (Mobile Affinity Sorbent Chromatography) which can eliminate the molecular analysis of antibodies as well as mass spectral analysis.

Dr. Fred Regnier was interviewed by LCGC's podcast

Regnier also provides an update on this technology’s adoption by Novilytic’s pilot partner, Janssen R&D, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. They have used the Proteometer-L kit, which is powered by MASC technology, for the rapid analysis of mAbs for titer and aggregate content from cell-free filtrate samples. The ability to quantitate mAb titer and aggregate content quickly and accurately has been a tremendous benefit in drug development and clone selection.

Additional topics covered in the discussion include:

  • How Regnier’s upbringing and farming background led him into the field of analytical chemistry

  • The benefits of replacing/eliminating Protein A

  • Modernizing analytical chemistry with the Proteometer-L kit

  • Applications for the kit as well as components and the types of antibodies that it works with

Please give it a listen today or download the PDF recap of the discussion!

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