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Novilytic Nominated for “Product Innovation of the Year” TechPoint Mira Award

We’re extremely excited to share that our Proteometer® received a TechPoint Mira Award Nomination in the “Product Innovation of the Year” category!

Now in its 24th year, TechPoint’s Mira Awards are Indiana’s largest, best-known, and most prestigious technology awards. This year alone there were nearly 250 applicants.

The “Product Innovation of the Year” nominees represent the biggest and boldest breakthroughs in regard to scientific and R&D achievements, trailblazing discoveries, and other ways in which organizations exceeded the norm to deliver exceptional results.

In the case of the Proteometer-L Kit, we have an exceptional story.

Pharmaceutical science has used the same analytical quality testing techniques for over 50 years! For context, around the same time period when Apple launched their first computer, these methods (ELISA and Mass Spec) were first being utilized by pharma chemists.

Yet, unlike our mobile phones and blindingly fast computers which replaced very old computers, pharmaceutical science is still using this antiquated technology. Yikes!

The Proteometer disrupts those old tools by bringing the use of modern nanotechnology allowing:

  • Discovery scientists to complete tests in 10 minutes as opposed to 4-8 hours, thus developing lifesaving drugs much faster and saving more lives.

  • Process R&D Scientists to develop better manufacturing techniques in days vs. months, once again, getting the lifesaving drugs to market quicker.

  • Manufacturers to produce drugs at 40% - 60% lower in cost, hopefully making medicines less expensive.

In short, the Proteometer allows the adoption of new, cutting-edge technology to bring about a major advancement in pharmaceutical science and manufacturing. More importantly, the Proteometer technology promises to help reduce the cost of producing medicines which will hopefully translate into greater access to life saving treatments.

Our next step will be the privilege of presenting our breakthrough technology and its value to the Techpoint Mira judges. They will decide which of 10 nominees will be honored with the prestigious Mira Award.

Stay tuned to our blog and LinkedIn page as we continue to provide updates during this exciting process.

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