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Novilytic Presents at Purdue’s Advanced Manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals (AMP) Event

Our team received the honor of being asked by Purdue University’s William D. Young Institute for Advanced Manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals (AMP) to present a scientific poster related to improvements in manufacturing.

The ask aligned perfectly with our upcoming Proteometer Kit, which saves drug developers both time and money by eliminating the need for mass spectrometry and providing near-real-time molecular structure analysis.

The title of our poster is “Reducing Process Costs With Nanotechnology” and it details both the consistency of our technology and how it’s poised to assist pharmaceutical companies with eliminating the need for extensive post-reaction testing and purification.

We are thrilled to have yet another opportunity to share our breakthrough with the pharmaceutical manufacturing world. The day is quickly approaching when we’ll watch our Proteometer Kits assist customers by turning any liquid chromatograph (LC) into a “proteoform meter” capable of quantifying molecular structure in crude culture filtrate.

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