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Q&A w/ Paul Dreier and VisionTech Partners

VisionTech, one of the Midwest’s most active angel investing groups, recently featured Novilytic on their blog. The post was presented in Q&A format with Paul Dreier, CEO, being the spokesperson for our company.

The questions are bulleted below and a link to the entire piece with Paul’s answers can be found here: Meet July Pitch Presenter #2: Paul Dreier of Novilytic, the Canary in Pharma’s Coal Mine – VisionTech Partners

  • Your chief technology officer who developed Novilytic’s technology, Dr. Fred Regnier, is a legend in chemistry and at Purdue. How did you two connect?

  • Tell me about Novilytic and the unmet need you’re addressing.

  • You have a clever brand story. Tell me about it.

  • Explain how your Proteometer works. Is it a device? A process?

  • What are your competitive advantages?

  • Do you have any patent protection?

  • What’s your total addressable market? Are there any secondary markets you might pursue?

  • What’s your revenue model?

  • Where are you with commercialization?

  • What funding round is this?

  • What is your planned use of funds?

  • Give three reasons why VisionTech Angels should invest?

We thank VisionTech for their time and for helping us to spread the word about our critical mission!

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