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Invitation-Only American Chemical Society Presentation Captivates Attendees

The American Chemical Society’s spring conference was held in downtown Indianapolis this past week. This event is a celebration of all things chemistry – a perfect fit for our Proteometer-L and our up-and-coming technology!

Chemical Angel Network, a chemistry-centric investment firm reserved the large stage on the expo floor and invited a handful of successful chemistry startups to give an eight-minute overview of their product(s) and future growth areas. This is the 10th year that CAN has put on this event, and when asked, we graciously accepted and began to plan our pitch 😊.

While this audience included many chemists, some focused on other applications. We decided to focus on presenting a problem and a clear solution.

The Problems: The FDA demands real-time analytical data regarding cell growth and contaminants when batches of medicine are being developed. Current methods take four hours to days to measure quality. This delay creates a contamination problem that must be filtered out, costing over $1 million per batch, prior to tableting / serum conversion.

The Solution: Our Proteometer-L plugs into existing instruments and monitors these batches for contaminants every 10 minutes. This puts us significantly closer to FDA mandates and saves hundreds of thousands of dollars in the development of drugs and millions of dollars by reducing purification costs.

This simple approach to a complex problem was extremely well received, as the audience was glued to our slides and the new photos of our kit. We find this facetime to be invaluable when it comes to explaining both what our organization does and well at the growth potential of our multi-billion-dollar market.

Anyone looking to receive a run-down on our technology, either a simple or an in-the-weeds explanation, is encouraged to visit the literature page on our website and reach out to our CEO, Paul Dreier at

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