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Novilytic launches Proteometer-UFT Kit

Updated: Jul 11

Ultra-Fast Titer” Kit for rapid at-line titer measurement of mAbs without sample preparation

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (July 9, 2024) – Novilytic LLC, a molecular-recognition company that uses nanotechnology to monitor the quality of lifesaving medicines, has released its second product, the Proteometer-UFT Kit.  


The kit was developed for pharmaceutical scientists, engineers, and production managers who need very fast at-line titer measurement of monoclonal antibodies while maintaining their existing workflows. Unlike common LC, CE, and MS-based assays, the Proteometer-UFT provides answers in less than 90 seconds from a clarified fermentation broth sample. Additional benefits of the Proteometer include that it:


  • Works with existing LC workflows and provides enhanced accuracy

  • Works with CFB  

  • Eliminates many antibodies needing to be evaluated with mass spectrometry

  • Enables continuous process monitoring


“The Proteometer-UFT kit provides a very fast analytical test of human or humanized mAb titer at 90 seconds complete cycle time per sample, including sample injection delay,” said Fred Regnier, Ph.D., Novilytic CTO. “The Proteometer-UFT is able to test up to 960 samples per day, providing a rapid, simple, and easy-to-use mAb titer analysis during clone screening and selection, which saves customers hours of time and millions of dollars by condensing mAb titer testing into 24 hours.”


The Proteometer-UFT Kit differs from Novilytic’s first product, the Proteometer-L Kit, in that it only runs titer, versus titer + aggregate, providing a solution that’s less expensive and up to six times faster.


Proteometer is short for “Proteoform Meter.” Like how a water meter measures gallons used, or a parking meter displays minutes left in a spot, the Proteometer provides near-real-time updates on structural changes occurring within molecules known as proteoforms. It is Novilytic’s vision that this information, which allows pharmaceutical companies to obtain better data faster, will make a positive impact on the world by drastically reducing the cost and time of development and manufacturing, resulting in lifesaving drugs that are potentially less expensive and more accessible.


“The Proteometer platform is the hub for all of our current and upcoming products,” said Paul Dreier, Novilytic CEO. These kits all tackle pain points at various stages of the drug development process. The Proteometer-UFT Kit comes directly from industry feedback we have received about titer recognition being one of the most important and time-consuming steps in the medicine-making process.”


Novilytic plans to release additional Proteometer kits that are assay- and vertical-specific later in 2024!




About Novilytic LLC

Novilytic has created the world’s first nanotechnology for at-line molecular structure analysis. Replacing 40-year-old technology, their Proteometer a.k.a. “proteoform meter” is an analytical tool for drug development and clone selection. It allows pharmaceutical companies to streamline their processes by providing molecular structure analysis in near-real-time. This eliminates costly post-purification efforts and helps breakthrough cures reach patients quicker. The technology is backed by multiple patents developed by some of the most brilliant minds in analytical chemistry. Visit to learn more.

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