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Video – Novilytic Gives Scientific Presentation at BPI West

Last week, we had the privilege of attending BPI West, the largest bioprocessing conference series in the United States.

CEO, Paul Dreier, had two separate high-profile speaking appearances. First, he appeared on a panel with execs from industry leaders such as Eli Lilly, AstraZeneca, Resilience, Pall Biotech, and more. The title of the discussion was “Intensified and Continous Processing” and it covered a series of topics, the most pertinent to our offerings being the implementation of PAT and real-time analytics and automation.

The panel was a terrific opportunity to further make industry connections and discuss how emergent technology can advance and streamline the drug development process. We enjoyed conversing with the group and very much look forward to continuing some of the conversations in the future.

The 2nd speaking opportunity was our scientific talk titled “Continous Process Validation (CPV): A New Analytical Strategy" which was attended by around 80 people. We used this time to share the Mobile Affinity Sorbent Chromatography (MASCTM) technology behind our new Proteometer-L.

The Proteometer, short for “Proteoform Meter” transforms any LC into an analytical system capable of identifying and quantifying molecular structure in crude culture filtrate in 10 minutes, without sample preparation. The talk demonstrated how this method that drives the first product rapidly separates, labels, and analyzes mAb samples in crude culture filtrate.

Speaking of the Proteometer-L, the show represented an excellent opportunity to walk the floor, make connections, and share what we’re working on with those within our industry.

We encourage everyone to watch the below thumbnail and reach out to with any questions, Proteometer inquiries, or to be added to our mailing list.

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