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Dr. Fred Regnier Receives Lifetime Achievement Award at Indiana Life Sciences Manufacturing Summit

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Dr. Regnier speaks with the host committee after receiving his award.

Novilytic was one of only 10 startups invited to present at the prestigious 2023 Indiana Life Sciences and Manufacturing Summit. While we were focused on sharing company details and the commercialization of our new Proteometer-L Kit, the organizers had more exciting plans in mind!

At the beginning of the program, we listened in awe as the moderator started to list the accomplishments of the recipient of this year’s lifetime achievement award. Well – about halfway through this monologue some of these achievements started to sound very familiar. It was at this moment that we realized our own Dr. Fred Regnier, Novilytic’s CTO, and co-founder was being officially recognized for his contributions to the analytical chemistry industry.

Dr. Regnier is one of the top 20 analytical chemists in the world according to Chemistry Views Magazine. He holds over 50 patents, was previously the J.H. Law Distinguished Professor of Chemistry position at Purdue University, and has co-authored over 300 peer-reviewed publications in the fields of chromatography, proteomics, and metabolomics.

He is truly a titan in our industry, and we are incredibly blessed to have him spearheading the technological efforts at Novilytic.

Most organizations would rest on their laurels after developing the world’s 1st ever technology for in-process medicinal batch monitoring. We are not most companies and Regnier is not most scientists 😊. He is already leading the R&D efforts on the creation of two additional products which we hope to announce by the end of the year.

Thank you, Dr. Regnier, for being an invaluable member of our team and for your contributions to your field.

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