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Leveraging Customer Voice at ASMS 2023

Harsha Gunawardena, Principal Scientist at Janssen R&D (Johnson & Johnson’s research division) led one of our pilot programs this spring and was very excited about the results – so much so that he gave a formal presentation at Agilent’s breakfast meeting during last week’s American Society for Mass Spectrometry conference!

Titled “Analytical Innovations To Speed-up Antibody Characterization,” the presentation covered how our Proteometer-L Kit provides a solution to the pharmaceutical R&D industry’s need for speed and comprehensive characterization. It also showcased both the Janssen team’s workflow as well as results that included chromatographs and reproducibility data.

The talk went off without a hitch and there was even a line out the door to get into the banquet hall for the presentation!

We are incredibly honored that Janssen had so much success with our product that they opted to showcase it in a presentation at one of our industry’s biggest events. We look forward to a continued and successful partnership with them.

Those interested in receiving a quotation can do so via the contact form on our website or by reaching out to our CEO, Paul Dreier, directly at

A collage from ASMS 2023

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