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Novilytic Highlighted in Purdue Research Foundation's "Take 6" Blog Series

Purdue Research Foundation's (PRF) "Take 6" series of blog posts takes a deep dive into the background of individuals associated with the companies that they support.

We were ecstatic when they approached us to inquire about participation.

Our Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Fred Regnier, was a natural choice given his background as a former Purdue professor and being named as one of the top 20 analytical scientists globally by Chemistry Views Magazine.

The Q&A format of this series allowed for more than a snapshop of Dr. Regnier's modern accomplishments at Novilytic. It touched upon how is upbringing and early years set forth a path that would guide him throughout the course of his storied career.

Please click the link below to read the blog in full. Congrats, Fred! We are lucky to have your leadership and expertise.

Purdue Research Foundation - Fred Regnier, Novilytic

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